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Uurainen 4H association

4H activity supports children's and youngsters´ growth towards a responsible and enterprising adulthood. The activities we offer consider the different stages of child´s development with the focus on learning by doing. We organize trips, camps, free time activities, youngster´s work life courses and events for children and youth. We also offer afternoon activities and support entrepreneurship and have a program where young people can set up an own 4H business. The 4H clubs teach practical skills and knowledge with the help of our instructors. Through these activities children and youngsters get abilities to become an active citizen and employee.

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Children and youngsters

  • We run clubs for children aged 6-13 to give them fun experiences and to teach them different skills
  • We arrange afternoon activities for children aged 6-8 to create a safe environment where they can spend free time after school before parents come home from work
  • We organize trips for children and youngsters to give them new experiences
  • We organize camps for children and youngsters to support their social development and to give them new skills and fun activities on their free time
  • We organize events (especially school closing ceremony at summer) to support involvement and to give fun experiences
  • We offer “The Passport to work” course for youngsters to give confidence and skills needed when finding a job
  • We have “Work circle” opportunity for youngsters to offer work experience and compensation for the work they have done
  • We also help local youngsters to get a summer job

The Finnish 4H

The 4H association is a national, unified and constantly evolving civic organization that supports children’s and youngster´s life management and spirit of enterprise. 4H is Finland’s leading organization in producing activities for adolescents. The Finnish 4H´s exchange programs are a good example of worldwide collaboration. Many exchange students come to Finland from different countries and also students from Finland travel through 4H. 4H in Finland also focuses on forest- and nature education that aims teaching children how to appreciate nature environment and learn to think and act ecologically. Also the goal is to tell children and adolescent about work- and hobby opportunities that are related to forests. In Uurainen we have forest trip days when we visit a place that is related to forests and forest industry.

International Operations

We here in Uurainen 4H-association are well experienced in the field of Erasmus+ program, especially KA01 / Youth mobility projects and we're always willing to delevope new connections and co-operations with organizations in another countries. If you're looking for a partner for your project, ask us!

Current projects

Past projects

Teknolande 2020-2021 - In the project youths get closer to the natural sciences and their knowledge and cleverness with natural sciences gets better.

2018-2020 Robo A Development project which turns learning programming and robotics into funny hobbies for kids and youngsters

Find your way 2016–2018  Development project that supports youth entrepreneurship 

From The Youth to the Youth 2013-2014 Development project that activate youth to organize events in their home village

If you would like to co-operate with us or have something in your mind, feel free to contact us!

Uurainen 4H Association
Mansikkamäentie 2, 
41230 Uurainen Finland

Operative Manager
Micaela Raudasoja
Tel: +358 40 194 7810
Email: micaela.raudasoja(a)4h.fi

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